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Picture shows the woods with a shinning light. The path to grace and temperance.

Grace & Temperance

Why are Grace and Temperance the overarching themes, though? Because our minds and hearts and bodies can really only take so much stress, strife, and discontentment before our physical bodies say, “No more.” Because when we see life through the scarcity of what the self does not have, we fail to see our abundance and we fail to see the shared experiences of others….

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Person climbing mountain |I believe in personal sovereignty

I Believe

I believe in self-determination. I believe in personal sovereignty. I believe relationships and connection are the only things that ultimately matter on this plane. I believe that we are social animals and that our need for connection is greater than our vice of power. I believe the god(s) we serve the most in the West

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Couples' Therapy Alternative

Couples’ Therapy Alternative

Most people think of mediation as a route for property disputes and the divorce alternative to the expense of lawyers and family law court, but what if mediation was your new go-to couples therapy for working through conflict and discovering new skills in communication and deepening intimacy in relationships? Rather than approaching your relationship as

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