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D-I-V Design Agency, LLC is a step ahead in more than just our service. Integrity, accountability, transparency, dedication. Our commitment to doing an excellent job and making sure our clients are informed and involved throughout the process helps distinguish us in caring for your family matter. Compassionate family services tailored to your needs


We Are What We Think
So much gratitude for our time today. What a help you were. Thank you. It’s really made a difference.

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Divorce Discernment
When I came to Amy, I was ready to leave my marriage if my wife wanted it. Neither my wife nor I was committed to anything about our relationship—we were just committed to the commitment we made. We talked in notes passed on the kitchen island. I didn’t even tell my wife I was going to see someone about how to get my life into more balance. Really, I just wanted to disappear and go on adventures with my buddies. After seeing Amy, I realized that my attitude was that I had sort of “paid” for all of my free time by paying for everything, and that I had actually taken my wife for granted for over 25 years. My marriage couldn’t have been all that fulfilling or happy for her, either. No wonder she didn’t want to have sex with me or even talk to me anymore. Without getting into it, Amy helped me see that I was treating my wife exactly the way my stepdad treated my mom, and that my mom took it out on me. I said I’d never repeat the past, but I repeated the past.


Identifying the Many Faces of Domestic Violence
I saw Amy about my husband’s lack of joy and the fact that we hadn’t had sex in almost 20 years. But I didn’t tell her that my husband was pretty abusive to me verbally. She knew anyway. She could just see it. Not even my best friend since childhood knew it. I tried to lie because I was so ashamed. Never in a million years did I think I would be one of those women. Amy helped me to start to believe in myself again. She helped me with language for taking back some of my strength and courage to stand up for myself, and to start doing the things I loved again. And you know what? I started feeling better, and I stopped feeling like I had to pretend everything was great. I have always been an optimistic person, but I lost that for a long time at home. He’s treating me better than he has since we were first married. It’s not perfect, but it is a far cry from where I was three years ago.


Moving from "Stuck"
I didn’t feel like my life had much meaning and I was stuck professionally, at home, and with my wife. I started seeing Amy for the wrong reasons, I’ll admit it. I wanted her to tell me it was all my wife’s fault and that I should get a divorce. Instead, she asked me to look at my role in where I was now, and how it felt when one of my children blamed all of their problems on their teachers or my wife or me. She asked me to think about my ‘idyllic’ life three or five years into the future, when I had my own place and only had to deal with kids every other week, and asked me how ‘different’ I would be once I uprooted everyone else’s life for whatever discomfort I was feeling right now. I decided to stay with my wife and work on me, because even though my wife has some things I would like her to work on, ultimately, I am only responsible for me and I don’t even think she can hear me tell her she needs to work on her because I have never worked on me.

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