Mediation, Family Advocacy, Parenting & Relational Advising
Mediation, Family Advocacy, Parenting & Relational Advising
Mediation, Family Advocacy, Parenting & Relational Advising
Mediation, Family Advocacy, Parenting & Relational Advising
Mediation, Family Advocacy, Parenting & Relational Advising
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Amy M. Baker

Mediation, Family Advocacy, Parenting & Relational Advising

D-I-V Design Agency is committed to families, parent education, relational problem-solving skills, and conflict resolution.
Mediation, Family Advocacy, Parenting & Relational Advising

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Parent Education

Mediation Service

Each individual is going to experience shifts along the lifespan, so it is inevitable that an intimate partnership will also shift. An intimate relationship is an organic entity of its own that requires tending, weeding, re-mapping, re-planting, and fertilization. The soil needs to be turned or replaced. In viticulture, whole lots of grapevines have to be torn out and replaced to ensure healthy, juicy crops. This can be stressful to partners.

We specialize in helping stressed partners come back to one another through the evolution of each partner and the evolution of your relationship. We continue to grow and evolve throughout our lives, or we stagnate.

Family Advocacy

We offer a sociological approach to understanding differences, finding commonalities, and bridging communication gaps where there is confusion. This can happen within the structure of the family, such as in marital, family, and parent-child mediation, and it can happen in the event that a couple decides to separate, divorce, or otherwise end their primary intimate relationship.

Family Advocacy

Parent Education

The future depends on good parenting. It is no secret that what a chef puts into the soup is exactly what the chef gets out. The same is true of parenting. Research shows good ingredients yield positive results in terms of social-emotional-cognitive function, and adverse ingredients yield poor cognitive function and attention, as well as poor social skills and poor emotional adaptation.

Sex & Relationship

Get the love you want, starting with yourself. It is the holistic belief at the D-I-V Design Agency that living a life by design means understanding your relationship to yourself, understanding your relationship to others and the world, and understanding your relationship to that which causes you joy and giving name to these and expressing these.

Sex & Relationship

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We provide highly ethical service with integrity, recognizing the dignity and worth of each individual.


What People Are Saying

We Are What We Think
“So much gratitude for our time today. What a help you were. Thank you. It’s really made a difference.”

~C., 52-year-old woman.

Divorce Discernment
“Amy helped me see that I was treating my wife exactly the way my stepdad treated my mom, and that my mom took it out on me.”

~Dave, 57-year-old man.

Identifying the Many Faces of Domestic Violence
“Amy helped me to start to believe in myself again. She helped me taking back some of my strength and courage to stand up for myself, and to start doing the things I loved again.”

~K., 64-year-old woman.


Person climbing mountain |I believe in personal sovereignty

I Believe

I believe in self-determination. I believe in personal sovereignty. I believe relationships and connection are the only things that ultimately matter on this plane. I

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